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MOO MODEL [Florentine Cosette!]
Name: Florentine Cosette
Age 27
Like: Onions! She loves them!
Dislike: Wolfs She fears them cuz now they try to hunt her T^T
Colour: Brown
Alignement: Lawful Good
Class: Healer
Heigh: 6,6 feets


Milking has become a daily habit and she enjoy seeing other drink his milk, but that make her blush in embarrasment. Other effect of the experiment made his milk have healing properties, on the other hand now that she became one active member of the vegetarian cult she now fear everykind of predator because she think they are gonna try to eat her. the secondary effect on this is that everytime she found a strong warrior no matter if is a woman or a man she became summisive(and she likes it)

Now that she is in a strange world full of undiscovered wonder she want to see them all but to do that she need the money and after talking with some weird people now got the chance to Participate in the Moo Model contest and be able to be famous and earn enought to help others like her, founding a refugie for lost people and old experiments that need a home. 


Florentine born In San Francisco the only daughter Within an average marriage She was about to finish his College degree in medicine, but his plans abrutly change when a crack in the space swallow her. In the moment she opened his eyes she found herself in a battle between  a brutal group of bandits and some soldier guarding a caravan full of young girls. In the messy battle  the Guards were outflank and deafeated. Everyone who wasn't dead was take prisioner by the bandits incluiding Florentine. His hideout was located  in the border between two countries in the top of a Mountain. The overwhelming situation made Florentine to stay ina sock state while the bandits took advantage of that and do what they were planing to do with all of the girls they kidnap. At first they begin to rape all of them without mercy, trying to break his spirit, when the thugs grow tired of a girl they send him to his leader, Some big and old man very talented in the arts of magic, the wizard experiment with them creating new creatures at his service soner or later it was gonna be his turn. She tryed to be as summisive and obedient so the bandits never give her to the wizard, until one day no more girls were enough and she was send to him, the man put him in a cell with some creature lika a plan attached into the wall, this creatures fuck her every day withouth rest, feeding her with his secretions and keeping her alive , time to time the wizar came and cast spells into her and inject her with drugs, soon his body begin to develope more curves, bigger breast, more nipples, extra sensitivity, more and more she was look like a cow, his "masterpiece" the wizard call her, when his breast begin to swell, the creature started milking her and put the milk inside weird eggs that the wizard use in his experiments.

One day the bandits get into a fight with the wizard cause they never get the money he promise them, in that moment one of the thughs atack the wizard and a riot begin,  bandits, monsters and the slaves begin to fight some girls take Florentine and flee from the mountains were they being a new life in this foreign world. 

Sorry my bad english T^T if you see something bad feel fry to tell meInside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 

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Sam Has appeared!
More Battlers! 

Sam is the Main character from Ruby's Lair! Trap in a misterious place is about to discover a whole new world. There will find new friends, challenges, and enemies. She'll need to fight his  way trough this and not fall by the carnal temtations and became the sex toy from the dangers that inhabit Amentes, the misterious home of The legendary First Keeper >Ruby!< 

Take a look in to the patreon pics Ruby made! :iconrubyloveyou: Arrow left HERE Arrow right 

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Kathleen In-training Sorcerer!
I'm looking for a goodway to make enemy battlers to fight in the game... I like this one!

Kathleen the wannabe wizard! One of the character from our game Ruby's Lair!

Bigger breast size !

Support us on patreon!^^
Some days ago I wasn't able to upload this so here it is! Galahad Captain from the Knight of the North!
    Possible companion or future enemy is up to you!

Support us on Patreon! for the development from our game RUBY'S LAIR!

Remember that my commisions are still open and with sales!

With every purcharse you get 1 Chibi Pixel Character!

Comissions OPEN!! by RedShiheart


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